Our Showroom is busting at the seams – as they say! We have received so many new pieces of furniture, added layers of rugs and hung many new fabric samples for your next project. Stop by and visit the Showroom to view, browse, and shop – but until then, enjoy some snapshots.



A set of 6 Western-inspired Dining Room chairs will look lovely around your table


You’ve seen one of these Bohemian-inspired sofas in our Tucson Showroom, well, now there are 2! If you’re looking for a little bit of symmetry in an eclectic room, dueling sofas is the way to go!


A customer recently commented on how marvelous this cabinet would be for her shoes – and with these adjustable shelves, just about anything  is possible!


If you’re looking for wild & wonderful – clearly, we have options for you.


With 38″H arms, this chair is fit for a king!

There is so much more, so… we’ll see you soon!