We make dreams happen.

DeWitt Designs has an experienced and talented design team in both the Sioux Falls and Tucson locations. Each team is uniquely gifted with design skills and knowledge to provide professional assistance in all aspects of your project. They are available to walk you through the showroom and help you find the exact piece you are looking for. Sarah brings her team together to add to her creative design process and make sure all of the details are met to ensure the success of your project. Whether they are assisting presentations or working behind the scenes, they will be there every step of the way.

Sarah, and her team, have the ability to take your dreams and bring them to life. The end result will always be original!

Our Team

    Sarah DeWitt

    Owner & Lead Interior Designer

    Sarah leads the design teams in Sioux Falls and Tucson, and loves bringing projects to life for her clients. Sarah has over 25 years of interior design experience, and her work has been featured in two design publications, Spectacular Homes of the Southwest and Designer Showcase. Her designs are featured on the cover of both books.

        Jim DeWitt

        Owner & Manager

        Jim is our staff manager and also oversees the sales floor. His design touch can be seen throughout the showrooms, as he is one of our head buyers and specializes in rugs. When you walk into the Sioux Falls showroom, you’ll most likely be greeted by Jim’s friendly smile.

          Sioux Falls

            Amy Myers

            Business Development Manager

                Angie Engler


                    Kimberly Dynes

                    Design Assistant

                        Liz Hage

                        Design Assistant

                            Patty Beuckens

                            Office Administrator

                                SJ Lovre

                                Design Assistant

                                    Tim Welch

                                    Delivery Coordinator

                                        Tyler Steele

                                        Project Manager