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Sarah and Jim DeWitt

About Sarah & Jim DeWitt

Jim and Sarah reside in South Dakota, they have four grown children, daughter-in-law and son-in-law, two granddaughters, and two Golden Retrievers, Dorado and Carolyna.

Jim and Sarah were both inspired to open a high-end furniture and design studio in their home town, Sioux Falls. As a couple, they risked almost everything they had to build their dream. With a handful of clients, a trip to market in a suburban filled with 4 kids and furniture, and sheer passion and persistence, DeWitt Designs was born!


As a former manager for Sarah’s Dad’s furniture store, Jim found his key role in the sales industry. Jim has many talents and a reputable military history outside of the design industry, he was nominated by Senator McGovern to the Military Academy, West Point. He was stationed in Ft. Hood, Texas as a 2nd Lieutenant as well as Wales, UK as a captain. After a company command in the South Dakota National Guard, he retired as an LTC in the Army Reserve. Jim is now the friendly face of DeWitt Designs. As a head buyer and staff manager, he also facilitates all operations of both stores.


After years of experience gained working in her Dad’s furniture store, Sarah discovered her passion for design at a very young age – with her first design project being her bedroom at the age of 15. She soon realized her ultimate love for design, was to see the joy of a client after she had helped to make their dream home come to fruition. This love led Sarah to open her own design studio, which began in her garage and sun porch. A lifelong resident of South Dakota, Sarah’s inspiration has often come from the expansiveness of the outdoors. As a girl, she would spend vacations at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico, an area celebrated by Georgia O’Keeffe, and it was here where she discovered her inspiration through the sunny palette and rustic edge of the Southwest. After her patio design studio in Sioux Falls grew into a luxury warehouse that it is today, Sarah’s desire to grow did not stop there, so naturally, she chose to build her second studio in the colorful desert town of Tucson.

Our mission statement

DeWitt Designs believe in telling a story through design. Sarah and her team take the time to look at a clients’ pictures, memorable items and collections that add personality and a true authentic touch to a space. “In one closet, I found a collection of my clients’ mother’s perfume bottles. I was able to incorporate these into their design. Utilizing treasured pieces makes the space really theirs.” says Sarah

“Details, details, details,” she tells her staff. From the ceiling to the floors, the trim of a pillow to the entire furnishing: All must be a part of a harmonious whole. These details come together to create layers upon layers telling the story of our client.”

Along with the nostalgia, comes the importance of achieving comfort and intimacy in a space. “You can have a picture-perfect room, but if no one feels they want to sit down, have a cup of coffee and talk, it’s not a successful design. In contrast, I design spaces people want to live in.” As one client told her, “This home is not only beautiful, but I want to actually live here!”

Sarah reiterates, “Whether it is space planning, architectural detailing, furnishings, lighting or kitchen designs, each client brings a new puzzle to the table. This is what I look forward to each day. Within design there are many ‘correct’ answers. Finding the unique solution that works for each client’s parameters and personality is what I find most rewarding.”