Just because it’s Winter, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate a FRESH New Year! Whether it’s too chilly for a patio reading session or you are simply snowed in, you can still bring some fresh into your home – without having to open a window, that is!

-With a toss of a few floral prints, your sofa becomes a delight.

-Greenery & Flowers are a must, no matter what time of year. The most natural form of air fresheners! (hush hush, faux looks just as good).

-A comfy chair covered in a crisp neutral or bright color looks great in the Summer and so welcoming in the Winter. The perfect answer to a dark reading corner.

-Light, light, light. When there just isn’t enough natural light flowing through your windows, fun colored lamps are a great solution!

So, before you get the Winter Blues and go into hiding for the rest of the season, try a few changes around the house and see if you can bring a little light into your Winter life!


Bright Winter

(most items available for special order through DeWitt Designs)