Our design assistant from the Tucson Team recently took a trip to chilly Sioux Falls to visit and lend a hand. The Sioux Falls Team were elbows deep in an exciting project when she arrived, so she was put to work instantly! There wasn’t much time for fun some would say, but to be truly honest, work is fun for all designers – digging through fabrics, flipping through furniture catalogs, and drawing up spaces… that’s fun! Yes, there may be days where more hours are spent in the studio than at home, but with the knowledge of a bombshell of a house and a beaming client at the end of those days… that is not only fun, but also the reason we love our jobs.

Despite the flurry of activity and not much room for down time, our trusty design assistant snuck away to snap a few shots of the Sioux Falls Showroom that we had so desperately asked for. We may all be family, but we haven’t all seen each other’s homes… so with thanks, we got a little behind the scenes footage of our home in Sioux Falls. Here’s a sneak peak…