Before the close of 2014 we want to celebrate an amazing design project Sarah took on. Sarah accepted an exclusive invitation to take part in Traditional Home’s 2014 Showhouse in Napa Valley, which was located on the gorgeous Caldwell Vineyard. She was given the most secluded and intimate space available – The Water Tower Loft.

With visions of Moroccan getaways, bright colors, divine textures, bold prints and luxurious rusticness, Sarah created a space that dreams are made of. It is pretty much impossible to sit in this room and not have a vibrant conversation.

Needless to say, our stores were beaming with excitement when we were told the Napa Valley Room was going to travel and be recreated in both our Tucson and Sioux Falls stores! Enjoy a few (iPhone, simply does no justice to this amazing entry) snapshots of this little slice of design Heaven, and why not make a trip to see it in person!? And if you fall in love with any piece you see – from a cut of fabric or entire customized sofa – you can request a replica, and we will make your wishes come true with a simple special order!

photo 5

It takes a few moments to take it all in, so no rush on the scrolling!


As Sarah says, “Details, Details, Details!”

photo 3

Decorative band trim, used as a border between paint and OH SO lovely wallpaper.