As one of Sarah’s assistants, I believe that her designs become unmistakably “Sarah DeWitt” when pattern enters the design process. It’s like watching a magic trick… sitting in the crowd waiting for the WOW!, but for us, it’s more like working in the studio watching the WOW! progress. We see fabric samples snatched off the racks – as many as 5 at a time, wondering which one she will choose… ultimately, she chooses all! We grab trim books that she has zeroed in on from the other side of the design studio – she knows the books like the back of her hand, as she shouts “Second from the top!”… or, “You decide! I trust your opinion.” Furniture catalogs are grabbed by the bunch and studied like homework – she takes time to make sure every client gets the piece that suits their home and their style – down to the curve of a sofa’s arm. Wood samples are narrowed down tone by tone as she envisions every last finish in the home. Through all of this exciting madness it all boils down to the pattern again. The furniture piece is chosen, finish decided, trim picked and the foundation that is the fabric – what we have come to learn is she decided the pattern and fabric she would be using as soon as she walked in the front door of the client’s home!

Since arriving at DeWitt Designs and working with Sarah, I have come to learn that a lack of pattern is a lack of personality. While working those many exciting hours in the studio, going through the magic trick… it’s always the combination of chosen pattern that gives me the ultimate WOW!

-From the Studio